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See below some before and after examples demonstrating both the color and Black and White presets. See how they can transform your images with just one automated process.


Factory Men currently offer two preset packages. Factory Men Version 1 consists of 30 amazing color presets that style your images with just one click. This package provides the user with 30 toning presets ranging from sun-kissed finishes to rich colorful tones….
The Factory Men BW version 1 boasts 12 stunning black and white presets. These fine finishing presets range from detailed film styles to contrasting cinematic finishes.

  • Introducing The Factory Men Presets
  • Using the Factory Men Presets
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    Yiannis Alefantou
    Wedding Photographer
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    Trent Bailey
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    Jennifer Sosa
    Editorial Wedding Photographer
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    Radu Benjamin
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    Sasha L
    Commercial Wedding Photographer
Who are the Presets aimed at?

Anyone wanting to be creative, save lots of time and take their images to another level.

What version of Lightroom will they work on?

Lightroom 4 and 5.

Can I edit and change the presets?

Yes of course. Every preset is amendable to your preference.

Are the Presets easy to install?

Yes they are. You can follow the instruction provided with the presets once you download them.